Notre Dame Ile de la cité & Ile Saint Louis

We will start our exploration from the very beginning- Ile de la Cite. This is where the legend of Paris was born. This miniature island harbors some of the most remarkable hallmarks of Paris: Consiergerie, Sainte Chapelle, Place Dauphine, Hotel Dieu, Palais de la cité, Pont Neuf, and an iconic chef d’oeuvre of Gothic architecture – Notre Dame. We will make our way across Ile Saint Louis, a magnificently preserved 17th century Parisian bourgeois quarter, with its elegant hôtels particuliers, art galleries, charming bistros and world famous ice-cream parlor, Bertillion, which many rightly regard as the best in the world.  Together we will explore the mysteries of the past, enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of one of the most beautiful parts of Paris and savor Bertillion’s heavenly flavors.